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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Food Processors

Best Food Processors – The Ultimate Guide To Choosing One

If you like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing culinary delights, you’re probably aware of what a food processor is. These ordinary appliances can do a lot more than you think. Using a food processor makes cooking more enjoyable so that you can skip time-consuming and tedious tasks such as slicing and chopping.

Powerful Kitchen food processor

Making the right choice can be a challenging decision since there are so many different models on the market, especially if you're buying your first food processor or are hoping for an upgrade. Rest assured, this handy guide will provide you with all the information you will need regarding purchasing the right product.

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Why Should You Choose Your Food Processor With Care

Wondering why you should put in all this effort to buy the right food processor? Here are a few important reasons why:

  • Versatility: Today, there are plenty of food processors in the market that comes with multiple attachments and accessories allowing you to shred, mince, zest and pulverize ingredients using only one machine.
  • Durability: You want the machine to last a couple of years, right? If so, pay attention to durability so that you don’t have to worry about the food processor breaking down.
  • Warranty: The sturdiest and high-end models comes with an excellent warranty, which will safe guard your purchase, ensuring your hard-earned money does not go down the drain in case something happens to the machine.
  • Motor Power: It’s important you invest in a machine with a powerful motor. If not, the food processor will not be able to perform challenging tasks and will burn out easily. Invest in a model with a powerful motor so that you can get maximum use out of it.
  • Easy to Clean: Cooking is fun but cleaning up afterward can dampen your spirits. Ensure the food processor has removable parts that are easy to dismantle and put back together. If not, you will have a difficult time cleaning up the machine.
  • Availability of Replacement Parts: Like other kitchen appliances, food processors are also likely to wear down with excessive use. When they do, you’ll be in need of replacement parts. Ensure the food processor you have purchased has easily available replacement parts.

Factor To Consider When Purchasing The Best Food Processors

Couple of factors you should pay attention to include:


A majority of food processors only offer one motor speed with a small opening in the top that lets you add ingredients inside. These appliances typically come with a “pusher” that is used to help larger food items slide down the slot easily.

Ensure your food processor has additional features that will speed up cooking time.

Additionally, options such as a "pulse" button will also come in handy for tasks such as kneading and chopping. A smooth touch control panel is also great since you won't have to go through too much trouble to clean the buttons. Some folks also appreciate dishwasher safe parts since it saves up cleaning up time.

 Purchasing The Best Food Processors


Ensure the food processor you have opted for has enough power to handle tough jobs like chopping hard veggies, kneading stiff dough and shredding cheese. Not choosing the right device can cause the machine to break down or chop food items incorrectly.

Or worse, the motor can burn down if you're not careful. Ensure the machine is powerful enough to carry out the tasks you purchase it for performing. We recommend you invest in a motor that has at least 600 watts.

Types Of Food Processors

When investing in a food processor, there are three main types you'll have to choose from: this includes mini choppers, kitchen mixers, and large food processors. Ensure you make the right choice depending on your needs and requirements. The main types include:

Mini Choppers

These are practically smaller versions of regular food processors. Some people prefer this appliance over the larger versions because they are easier to store or display on a kitchen worktop. Plus, with it, you can easily prepare small batches of pureed food or baby food.

Since there are not many accessories, the device is comparatively easier to dismantle and clean. You can also easily store the food processor in your worktop or inside your station.

Kitchen Machines

These appliances are typically larger than regular foods processors. They are the most preferred option for professions who create batters and bake cakes. Kitchen mixes bring out ease and reliability in the kitchen, aiding home cooks in performing their tasks much more easily.

Most of these appliances come with plenty of accessories such as jug blenders, slicing and chopping attachments. These appliances are excellent for whisking and whipping batter, allowing professionals to make delicious dishes. The bowl size is approximately 4.6 liters, which is pretty great.

Kitchen Machines

Food Processors

Food processors are one of the most important kitchen appliances in town and can be used for slicing, mixing, grating and shredding items.

Appliances with large chutes prevent cutting accidents and save prep time by cutting large vegetables into small pieces, which makes it convenient for home cooks to prepare soups, stews, and casseroles in a relatively short amount of time.

For added functionality, some models also have blender attachments that make it easier for folks to prepare mayonnaises, purees, and smoothies in a single machine. Whipping cream and kneading dough also become easier if you have the right attachments.

Opt for a machine with plenty of speed settings and a pulse function. These features will help you maintain consistency.

Evaluate The Requirements For The Job

There are plenty of different types of food processors on the market designed for specific processes. Hence, if you are a baker, you should opt more a machine that can knead dough and whip cream better. On the other hand, if you specifically need a machine to prepare baby food for your little one, you will benefit from a mini chopper.

Each appliance in the market has its USP (unique selling point). If you're in search of a food processor that pretty much works as an all-rounder, ensure it has multiple accessories so that you can carry out all your tasks easily.

food processor on work


You will find food processors in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From three-cup choppers to twenty-cup versions, you can invest from a plethora of options according to your cooking needs. If you have a family of four, an 11-cup machine will suffice.

However, if you plan on using the food processor to chop herbs or make nut butter, ensure it includes a small bowl that will make prepping sauces and other foods much easier. Also pay attention to:

Feeder Tube Width

A wider feeder tube features a larger opening created for chopping large food items. It'll also save time for tasks such as slicing potatoes and making breadcrumbs since you won't have to worry about tedious prep work and pre-chopping requirements.

Bowl Sizes

A larger bowl offers a greater capacity that will allow you to mix veggies and other ingredients easily. Some food processors also include a mini bowl and blade that can fit inside a larger bowl, which will save you from the trouble of purchasing a mini choppy for processing items such as herbs, nuts and pureeing veggies for baby food.


Variable speeds allow home cooks to modify the food processor according to the task. Opt for a machine that offers at least three-speed settings along with a pulse mode for better usage.

Attachments And Accessories

Some food processors come with a range of accessories that maximize the usability of the machine. Opt for a product that includes multiple size bowls, disks, blades and other accessories. Additionally, the product must also be capable enough to grate foods of various textures and thicknesses. Before you invest all your hard-earned savings on a machine, ensure it has all the bells and whistles.

Here is a list of some of our favorite products according to different categories:

Best Food Processor Over $100

These are our recommendations.

Winner: Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef is one of the most powerful food processors in the market. Not only can it pulverize any food but it's also great for mashing vegetables, which is a great feature compared to machines that can only shred items.

Breville BFP800XL Food Processor


Customers were pleased by how easy the machine is to use, making the assembling and disassembling process a breeze. You can attach and remove the blades according to your convenience and switch between different processing types according to use. Some notable features of the product include:

16-cup Bowl

For added convenience, the food processor includes two bowls: a 16-cup bowl for chopping tough veggies and a smaller 2.5 cup for less challenging tasks. The wide chute allows folks to chop or process any food item, which means you can skip pre-cutting food and other prep work.

Power Motor

The incredibly powerful 1200 watt motor is designed to endure complicated processing and other techniques. Aside from chopping tough veggies, you can also knead the dough using the machine. Many customers have praised this model for its powerful motor.

Specialty Discs

For a better cooking experience, the food processor comes with specialty discs such as whisking disks, julienne discs, and French fry disks, which allows chefs and home cooks to obtain maximum benefits from the product. You can also purchase other accessories for an additional price.

​Replacement Parts

The Breville Food Processor comes with multiple replacement parts, this allows users to choose between chutes of different size.

However, you can also cut thicker slices if you want. Since the replacement parts come in the package, this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Best Food Processor Under $100

These are our recommendations.

Winner: Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor

With the Cuisinart DLC-10SY, you can chop, shred and slice all kinds of ingredients including vegetables, cheese, and meat.

You can also use it for other kitchen tasks such as mincing garlic and parsley, emulsifying mayonnaise and much more.

It also has a pulse button that allows users to activate food processing in short segments.

This function is important for food processing, which allows chefs and home cooks to start and pause the process according to their convenience.​


 Aside from chopping, you can also use this feature for dough mixing since it offers more control over the results. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Capacity: The Cuisinart DLC-10SY includes a 7-cup work bowl which comes in handy for mixing all kinds of ingredients. Whether you are chopping or mixing ingredients, you can achieve your desired results in no time. Do note that the 7-cup capacity only indicates use for dry ingredients and not liquids.
  • BPA-Free: Since the Cuisinart food processor is made using BPA-free ingredients, you don’t have to worry about putting your family’s health at risk.
  • Speed: The food processor offers two-speed options for better usage. Since the machine is fairly easy to use, you won't be at of pushing the right button.
  • Easy Setup: Pressing the on button ensures the food processor works at the same speed, which is a handy setting if you want to achieve consistent results or are preparing baby food.
  • Power: With a 600-watt motor, the Cuisinart food processor is up for just about any challenge and can mix the dough and cut tough vegetables very easily. A powerful motor is important for performing tough tasks, which is why this particular model can perform a variety of tasks without any problems.

Runner-Up: Hamilton Food Processor

The Deluxe 14-Cup Food Processor from Hamilton is one of the most best-selling products in the market. Aside from its large capacity, it also includes an additional French fry disc.

hamilton food processor

The large capacity model makes the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth one of best products in the market despite its affordable price.

Best of all, the purchase includes a bonus French fry cutting disc in addition to the shredding/slicing discs that comes with most food processors.​

 The product is also known for its extra-large chute that virtually eliminates the need for folks to pre-cut large vegetables such as potatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes.


Some notable features of the product include:

  • Large Feed Tube: The machine features a large feed tube that ensures you can use the food processor to pulverize all kinds of ingredients. Additionally, you can also use the food processor for chopping and slicing food items, such as celery, carrots, etc.
  • Kneads Dough: How many affordable food processors are there in the market that can also knead dough? Not many! This food processor is capable of kneading the dough.
  • Control/Speed: Similar to any great food processors, the product has three powerful speed settings, which allows users to control the speed according to the nature of the task. The Pulse mode is also comparatively more powerful than other food processors in the same price range.
  • 3 Speed along with a Powerful Motor: While most standard machines of this price only include a power button and pulse mode, this food processor is capable of much more.

It has three unique speed functions in addition to a pulse setting, which allows folks to gain more control and movement over the machine. The 525-watt powerful motor is equipped to handle most tough tasks in the kitchen.

Alternative: Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper

The Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper includes one power head and one motorized part. The 450-watt motor is powerful enough to handle most day-to day tasks with ease. The power head fits over the chopper bowl, the pitcher, and the processor bowl. All three of these containers are great for everyday use.

Ninja Master Prep Chopper


Since the containers are made using clear materials, you can see machine work its magic and stop the process once you have achieved the right results.

For better results, we suggest you use the pulse method for short segments as opposed to simply pressing the button for any length of time. Doing so will guarantee a more evenly blended, minced and chopped end product. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Exceptional Motor Power: The professional version of the Ninja Master Prep comes with a 450-watt motor whereas the regular model comes with a 400-watt motor. The powerful motor ensures that folks can perform a variety of tasks using only one machine.
  • Splash Guard: The product includes a pitcher and a splash guard. Both of these items include a lid. The splash guard comes in handy when you are chopping and blending food items. All you have to do is place the splash guard on top of the bowl and pitcher, and you are good to go. The larger pitcher also contains a seal that prevents spills.
  • Convenience: Home cooks will be pleased to know that the parts are both dishwasher and microwave friendly. However, to ensure the quality of the machine, we advise you take out a few minutes of your time to wash the food processor by hand.

You can also store the jars and lids in freezers and fridges according to your convenience. Another notable advantage is that all the parts are BPA free, so you won't have to worry putting your family's health in danger.

Best Food Processor And Blender Combo

Winner: Oster Pro Food Processor

The Oster Pro 1200 Plus Blender is an excellent purchase if you're in search of a food processor and blender combo.

Oster Pro Food Processor

With this super easy to use the device, you can crush ice, grind coffee beans or whip up a milk shake in no time.

The model has an amazing 1200 watt motor base along with a 48-ounce jar. It also has a single serve cup so you can take your smoothie with you on the go.

The machine has a total of 9 buttons which are pretty easy to use and work it. On the bottom row, you’ll find a stop switch along aside an on/off switch.


Some notable features of the product include:

  • Blending Containers: The food processor comes with two different blending containers. The main container has a pour spout which makes it easier for folks to pour stuff.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Thanks to the removable blade, assembling and disassembling the blade is not a problem. The manufacturers advise you dismantle and clean the food processor after each use. If you're not careful, dirt can accumulate at the bottom of the container.
  • All Metal Drive System: Oster Blenders include a unique and powerful metal-drive that ensures lasting performance and quality. The quality drive is durable enough to blend up to 10,000 smoothies and comes with an amazing 10-year warranty.
  • Speed Settings and Programs: The Oster Pro 1200 Plus Blender has nine buttons in total and3 programs. You can use the machine for preparing excellent smoothies. It also has a reverse crush blade that prevents the contents from settling down, which means you don’t have to bother stirring ingredients while blending.

With all the program and speed settings, the blender offers excellent control over processing. You can also adjust the settings according to your needs and requirements.


With the right food processor, you can mince, chop, zest, shred and crush your favorite ingredients with a single device. Hopefully, this detailed guide has provided you all the information you need regarding purchasing the best product.

Select And Buy The Right Food Processor

Top Ways To Select And Buy The Right Food Processor

Food processors are a popular kitchen appliance and can be a mighty useful machine for repetitive activities while preparing a meal. A food processor can help slice, dice and process ingredients at high speeds. Although modern appliances feature an electric motor, there are manual processors available as well.

While you may think that you can use the everyday kitchen appliance and a blender interchangeably, both products are quite different. Plus, they have different functionalities. It can be a conundrum, not being able to decide which appliance to buy.

That is especially true if you don't have enough space to accommodate both products, which is where you determine the frequency of use of either of the product and what will add to your convenience when preparing meals.

You Buy The Right Food Processor

A food processor shares a couple of similarities with a traditional blender. The major difference between the two appliances is the fact that processors come with independently and interchangeably usable blades in the form of attachments.

Blenders feature a single blade. Moreover, processors are designed to have wider bowls to mince and dice dry ingredients without the use liquids properly. Blenders have a shorter space and require a bit of liquid to blend ingredients adequately.

Food processors are also quite effective at chopping, mixing and mixing dry food ingredients. You can also have your vegetable chopped in a processor before putting them in your favorite soup.

These products have wider and flatter bladed and a shallow container, which is perfect for mixing the dough to make some pie. You can also knead bread in it and shred hard dairy items such as cheese.

The Golden History Of The Modern Food Processor

Starmix was the very first electronic food processor that was designed back in 1946. A German company, named Electrostar, manufactured the device. However, the basic model was quite similar to a blender in shape and form. The company launched plenty of accessories that included a blade for automatic bread slicing, a milk centrifuge as well as different sized ice cream bowls.

Understand that this was an era where electronics were pretty pricey – the company also designed and manufactured a piccolo for the processor. You could easily operate a vacuum cleaner with this attachment at the base of the processor.

A decade and four years later, the world saw the evolution of the modern processor, which was known as the Starmix MX3, a creation by Albrecht von Goertz.

The 60's was a great era for food processors as French companies also began to manufacture these processors after the concept of food ingredient being easily processed and prepared became popular, which was all thanks to Pierre Verdun, who worked as a salesman for a catering company.

He came with up with the idea after observing just how much time it took his clients to slice and dice vegetables, mix ingredients and whatnot.

What he did brought a revolution in France. He proposed and designed a very simple and easy to use solution – a giant bowl with an electronic, revolving blade to chop and mix food at the base of the bowl.

History Of The Modern Food Processor

His invention is what evolved the world of food processors in France and Pierre was able to establish a company called Robot-Coupe, an organization made primarily to design and mass-manufacture commercial and home-based food processors.

Towards the end of the 1960's, advancing electric technologies and innovation gave birth to induction motors, which became part of commercial-grade processors. Thanks to induction motors, the company was able to produce the famous Magimix processor, which they exported to the UK somewhere in the early 70s.

After that, Kenwood, a popular UK-based electronics company designed their line of food processors known as Processor De-Luxe. They launched the product in 1979.

How Food Processors Function

The food processors you see today come in multiple sizes – small, compact and large. But regardless of the size you get, the components, accessories and the functionality of the products are the same. They come with the same motor, bowls, feed tube and other attachments.

The heaviest component of a processor is the motor. It is what keeps the machine balanced and prevents from tipping or sliding when in use. The weight keeps the machine stable.

High-speed blade rotation helps mince and grind ingredients into fine powders. You can easily control the amount of speed you need via the control panel.

Using the machine's different speed functionalities, you can easily allow all the food inside to process easily, and it will always fall back down to the bowl from the top or the sides, allowing for more consistency regardless of whatever you are slicing.

Food Processors Function

On the other hand, modern food processors also come with fail safe mechanisms. You will never be able to operate the machine unless the bowls and other essential items are properly attached and seated. It is a pretty awesome setup and also eliminates the possibility of any damages or injury.

The Motor Inside The Processor

The high power motor is designed to turn at a vertical angle at top speeds – which is what helps puree different food items and ingredients. The same mechanism helps blend as well as chop food easily. You can even mash or mince boiled meat in a processor without breaking a sweat. The machine also houses sharp cutting blades fixed on top of the motor shaft. The food bowl sits right on the shaft.

Motor Inside The Processor

So whenever you start the machine, the blades revolve at high speeds cutting and chopping food ingredients – which can be anything from hard veggies such as carrots to cucumbers, cheese, onion, garlic, ginger and a variety of other items.

You start and pulse the ingredients and then stop – do this repeatedly till you get the consistency you are seeking. The lid helps keep everything inside helping you avoid a mess on the counter.

If you want to add more of any food item, you can just slide or pour it in via the feed tube.

The blades are positioned low. They utilize the force of gravity to chop and slice thick pieces of meat or any other food item or ingredient in large quantities. You can tuck any ingredients that you've already chopped on the side of the food bowl. If you continually and consistently grind the ingredients, you will pulverize everything forming a puree.

Other Important Food Processor Accessories, Attachments And Their Functionality

  • Blades for Slicing and ShreddingThese components enable you to slice meat or shred ingredients effectively. Based on the speed of the processor, you can either cut or slice them in thick, medium or small sizes. You can also give the ingredients a coarse texture and finish.
  • Knife Blade: People also refer to this blade as a multi-purpose knife, and the primary function of the blade is to chop ingredients, mince them, mix them, mash them and to puree.​
  • The Spatula: This is a nifty component that will help you easily slide off the paste from the sides of the bowl. You can use a regular kitchen spatula as well.​
  • The Blending Canopy: The canopy is a large, revolving disc that is designed to be used interchangeably with the multi-purpose knife to blend your favorite soups efficiently effectively.​
  • Dough Hook or Blade:  The component is mainly designed to help you knead dough to make bread or other yeasted delicacies.​
  • Blades for Shredding and Slicing: You can use these bladed to shred and cut different types of ingredients as per your desired consistency and thickness.​

Food Processor Vs. Blender

You have to understand that blenders are better suited and designed to work for very soft ingredients or liquids. Food processors, on the other hand, work well to grind, cut and chop thicker and harder ingredients. Moreover, you have to chop thick pieces of food items into smaller pieces for blending. You don't have to this with a processor.

Blenders and processors are designed to make repetitive kitchen tasks easier and less time-consuming. Both can help prepare your favorite culinary delights easily and without breaking any sweat.

Food processors are more functional and versatile than a traditional blender. The main reason for this is that modern processors offer more functionality than older models. You can just liquefy things in a blender.

These are some of the most common kitchen tasks you can do with a food processor:

  • Vegetable slicing and dicing
  • Chopping meat, fruit or veggies
  • Grinding dried fruits, seeds, meats, nuts and spices
  • You can easily grate cheese or shred it
  • You can grate vegetables
  • You can knead dough to prepare yeasted food items

Also, when you process ingredients, you don't need to add water or any other type of liquid to ensure consistency and texture. Blenders, however, require liquids to blend semi-hard or thick food ingredients such as strawberries, apples, etc.

Blenders are more suited to emulsify ingredients or to prepare purees. The product is designed to have a long jar that is slender in shape. There is a blade fitted right at the bottom of the jar. The blade can rotate at high speeds with the help of a powerful electric motor. In light of this, mentioned below are some common kitchen tasks you can accomplish using a blender:

  • Dissolving solid ingredients into liquid
  • Blending different spices, granules, seeds to make powdered herbs and spices
  • You can emulsify mixtures
  • You can prepare smoothies
  • Some blenders come with powerful blades that can easily crush ice, help you prepare your tropical drinks such a frozen margarita
  • You can prepare purees using semi-hard or solid food items like soups, pastes, boiled, or semi-cooked meat

Food Processor Vs. Juicer

The average juicing machine has also become quite popular in the last couple of decades. However, a juicer is what you think it is – you can juice stuff in it. Using it for anything else is not worth it. You can prepare fresh and yummy juices. Juice machines include a powerful, electrical system that effectively separates all the fiber content in fruits and vegetables, extracting all the tasty juice. Moreover, these machines also leave the nutrients and vitamins in the fruits and vegetables intact.

However, when it comes to juicing thicker ingredients, you will have to either chop them down to small pieces or process them.

A food processor is not designed to separate fibrous content from fruits and veggies, which is why it makes no sense using a processor to make fresh juice. They can't entirely break down every ingredient. You can only chop, dice, mix and mash fruits, herbs, veggies, meat and leafy greens into little portions.


But this does save you a lot of time. Instead of slicing and dicing using a kitchen knife, you can put everything in the food processor and chop away. Plus, you can also prepare large volumes of stuff like sauces, salsas, soups, and whatnot.

Plus, you can also use the processor to mix and mash onions and tomatoes if you’re preparing spaghetti sauce. A juicer will never give the consistent, richness and thickness you need for a proper tomato sauce or puree.

As you can see, both machines have a set of varying functionalities and applications. You can't replace one product for the other. So, it is better to have both a juicer and a food processor to complete your cooking task with ease and efficiency.

However, if you don’t have enough space or the budget – the best thing you can do is jot down the number of times you will require a food processor compared to a juicer.

Food Processor Vs. Smoothie Machine

The primary feature that makes a smoothie machine more preferable than a blender is the fact it can easily and effectively crush ice. Most blenders cannot do that – and neither can food processors.

Even though it is possible to crush ice separately in a blender, you will just be increasing your work load. Plus, blenders are not designed to crush ice as adequately as smoothie machines are.

Smoothie Machine

Smoothie machines are also suitable for emulsifying ingredients and food items. You can make tasty, creamy and smoother fruit drinks in a smoothie machine. Food processors are completely different, which both in functionality and design. Again, it is preferable to have both items you cannot say you can substitute one product for another.

Functions Of A Food Processor

Food processors are designed to easily handle a majority of preparation activities that will otherwise take a lot of time to be done. For example, cutting and dicing vegetable and meat can take plenty of effort time. You have to clean chopping board. First, you have to cut everything individually, mix everything and then put the ingredients in a blender.

Why do all this when you can buy a nice, compact food processor? Or you can also opt for large processors based on your needs and frequency of use. If you run a restaurant, you can go for commercial-grade products cutting prep-time by more than half. Apart from that, you can use a processor to effectively prepare individual portions of the dish if you’re cooking for two people.

In light of everything, listed below are some of the most incredible functionalities of a top quality food processor:

Functions Of A Food Processor

Chopping Ingredients

The primary blade fixed in the processor is S-shaped, and it chops and dices ingredients at high speeds. No matter how big or small the ingredients are – you can easily put in a mix of the components and give them a good chopping.

The processor spins the S-shaped blade at a very high speed, slicing every ingredient to a fine paste or powder – well, that depends on the type of consistency you seek. You can easily adjust the speed.

You can control the amount of time the blade runs, if you want extra small pieces or a fine, thick paste, keep the blade running for an increased period. If not, you can start and stop the process as you please. You can also chop onions and tomatoes to make different types of puree. The blade is also capable enough to grind lean and thick proteins.

Slicing Everything

Food processors also come with slicing blades that are also S-shaped. The food bowls they fit into are small but deep. You can run ingredients down the feed tube, and the blades will slice them into fine or thick pieces. Some products enable you to adjust the consistency and thickness of the slicing process.

Slicing Everything in the food processor

You can slice a wide variety of fruits and vegetable such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, avocados, eggplants, pineapples, pumpkins, etc. You can even slice cheese in a food processor. Plus, you can also prepare desserts, like an apple pie or crumble, with relative ease.


Grating cheese can be daunting – not to mention you can even injure your finger if you aren't careful. Well, with a top notch food processor, you can very easily grate a thick, cold block of cheese without wasting any time. Plus, you can also grate different fruits and vegetables such as potatoes and apples. Preparing hash browns have never been this easier before!

Preparing A Puree

Pureeing ingredient is quite easy with a processor. You can puree anything you like – from kidney beans to chick peas and tomatoes. You can easily prepare spaghetti sauce or a creamy mushroom soup as well.

The only thing to consider while you puree away is that if you fill the bowl with too much of the ingredients, the processor will start to leak from the top and the sides. So, opt for a product that does not leak.

Preparing Doughs

The chopping blade fitted in the processor can also help mix butter with the flour to make the dough. You can also use it to knead the dough. All you have to do is use the ‘pulse' option on the machine a couple of times. You don’t have to cut and mix butter with the flour manually anymore.

A Great Food Processor Recipe You Should Immediately Try

There are a variety of recipes that can push the pedal to the metal in your food processor – here are is one that is very easy to prepare:

House Truffles

All you need to make this delicious dessert is the following:

  • Egg yolks – 2 large (make sure the eggs are at room temperature)
  • 1 Dark or bittersweet chocolate – get one that has 62 percent cacao
  • Unsalted butter – about ten teaspoons, cut the butter into little pieces
  • Sea salt – 1/8 teaspoon, you can also use regular table salt as well

The Equipment You Need:

  • A good food processor
  • A mesh strainer
  • A baking pan (8 inches) – be sure to line the pan with foil, cover every inch


Beat the egg yolks and pour them in a heatproof, stainless steel bowl and keep the bowl atop a large container, which you place in hot water. This step will keep the eggs yolks lukewarm.

Mix the chocolate with the butter and the salt and keep put it in stainless steel container. Put the container in atop a skillet burning at low heat. Keep stirring the mixture. The ideal temperature of the mixture should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preparation in the food processor

Boil half a cup of water; you can do this in the microwave as well. Pour the hot water into the mixture; remember to take the mixture off the stove first. Mix it with water using a rubber spatula.

After you have manually blended the eggs, the temperature should be about 160F. Pour it into the food processor through the mesh strainer and process everything for a round 20 seconds. Take everything out, let it cool and shape it into truffles.

Refrigerate for an hour and voila – instant snack!

Bottom Line

Apart from what you can prepare using a food processor, it is imperative to go for the best of products in the market. Never compromise on quality – but don't overspend. There are plenty of products that are budget-friendly and can last a lifetime.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus Review

Oster Pro 1200 Food Processor Review

There is considerable preparation involved in the cooking process. You need to get the ingredients ready before you can start. People sometimes invest in multiple machines, such as blenders and dicers, to prepare the ingredients that they want to use. You can get a handy solution for all your needs in the form of a food processor.

A versatile food processor can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen and help you save time and effort when cooking. In simple words, you can improve your skills and impress your family and friends.

Oster Pro 1200 Food Processor

The main factor you need to consider is the features and accessories the food processor includes. You need a machine that allows you to process ingredients as well as prepare smoothies and juice. A sturdy and durable food processor will help you blend a wide range of items, including ice and even frozen ingredients.

About The Product

The power the processor offers is also a pertinent factor, as well as the accuracy and consistency it enables you to achieve. However, assessing any product on the market can be a challenge as you have to evaluate a variety of models available on the market.

You can circumvent this dilemma by opting for a food processor produced by a leading brand. Oster is a reliable brand that you can count on to deliver a high-quality product. Their food processors, in particular, offer a range of features that you will find handy.

You receive innovative features that make it convenient for you to process different ingredients. The 1200 Blender Plus is one of the best models you will find on the market. Here is an overview of the top features of this food processor:

  • Limited Warranty: Oster offers a 10-year limited warranty under its DURALAST initiative. The company backs the quality and durability of the product, ensuring that you can receive repairs and replacements without the hassle and at no additional cost.
  • Processing Bowl: The processing bowl provides you up to five cups of volume, enabling you to process ingredients as well as make smoothies and milkshakes. Oster manufactures the processing bowl using BPA-free ingredients.
  • Small Footprint: The design and size of this food processor are compact. The dimensions of this product are 14.25 inches by 7.25 inches by 8 inches, which means you can conveniently store it in your kitchen, even if you have limited space. Plus, the cord extends to 16 inches, which means you can place it anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Powerful Motor: The motor of this food processor offers sufficient power, with 1200 watts. Plus, you get an ice crushing power of 900 watts. You can easily process the toughest ingredients using this model.
  • Smart Settings: Using this food processor is a breeze thanks to the Smart Settings technology Oster incorporates in the product. You can choose from seven-speed settings as well as three pre-programmed settings so that you can use it for different purposes.



  • Smart Settings technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Small footprint
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • BPA-free processing bowl
  • Difficult to achieve consistency

What Others Are Saying

Most of the reviews for this product on Amazon are positive. A majority of customers who purchased and used the food processor are happy with its features and performance. A customer wrote that the compact design and size of the processor makes it easy to use. She states that she can conveniently place it wherever she wants in the kitchen.

She returned another processor she purchased before because of its large size. Another customer stated that all the features this processor offers are great and the machine works perfectly.

Oster Food Processor

A customer wrote that purchasing this processor enabled her to forgo using multiple appliances because the machine offers all the features and functions she needs.

She states that she uses the processor for processing a wide range of ingredients, including ice and hot beverages.

A reviewer mentioned that she purchased this food processor without much prior thought because she simply wanted to replace her previous Cuisinart food processor.

She is happy with the performance of the food processor, including the smoothie cup.

On the other hand, a few customers had some gripes with this product. A customer wrote that there are some issues with the speed settings and that you might find it difficult to achieve the right consistency when blending if you don’t fill up the cup. Plus, she states that the small cup tends to leak.

A customer wrote that this blender is not suitable for blending frozen items. A reviewer wrote that the processor did not last even four months, even with moderate use. She also expressed her disappointment at the poor customer service from Oster Pro.

Buying Advice

Oster Pro Food Processor

Amazon is the perfect online store to purchase this food processor.

The retailer offers convenient shipping, delivering it to your home. You can place the order from the comfort of your home.

You can purchase the product in two models. You can buy only the smoothie cup for around $60, knocked down from its original retail price of around $80.

You can purchase the smoothie cup along with the food processor for around $90.

Amazon also allows you to browse other food processors that might offer better features or are available with free shipping.


Overall, the 1200 Blender Plus is one of the best food processors you can find on the market today. It is the ideal purchase if you want the machine primarily for making smoothies.

The features of the food processor and the reliability of Oster Pro add to the benefits that you can derive, giving you great value for your money. There are some issues with managing speed and consistency, and the customer service is questionable. That said, you should consider purchasing this food processor.

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Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor Review

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor Review

Food processors are essential kitchen tools. A good processor not just cuts and chops vegetables for you, it significantly reduces your cooking time. There are hundreds of food processors available in the market.

But not all of them deliver the performance they claim. A few models are too heavy and need frequent maintenance. Moreover, some brands offer expensive models that do not fit your budget.

The best thing to do to purchase the perfect food processor is to buy the right product that suits your needs and comes under your budget. Go for a machine that has easily removable and cleanable parts. Many innovative food processors are now available as a multi-purpose meal-prep helper. Hence, you get multiple benefits by purchasing a single appliance.

hamilton food processor

If you are looking to mix up some veggies and fruits to make a yummy salad, The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe 14-Cup Food Processor is a culinary expert that does it all for you. From mixing your batter to creating the perfect dip for your dishes, this is a tough machine that delivers a glitch-free performance.

About The Product

This food processor is a popular choice among thousands of home chefs. It is like for its versatile options for creating inventive meals and delicious munchies.

Thanks to its extra-large feed tube, you can easily fit with small and large pushers. Hence, it is called the Big Mouth Deluxe. The food processor features a space-saving design with an impressive 14-cup capacity and a robust 525-watt motor.

You get a total of 3 speeds along with the handy pulse feature. You also get stainless steel chopping blades with shredding discs and reversible slicing. It just the kind of machine you need to do all the chopping, slicing and mixing to create purees, salads, and any batter.

Features And Benefits

  • Large 14-cup bowl
  • Stainless steel blades
  • ​A big chute for whole foods
  • ​Functions at three speeds plus pulse
  • ​Features a powerful 525-watt motor
  • BPA free components
  • Convenient to clean, use and store

All parts of the machine are dishwasher-safe, which means you can easily clean the lid, the bowl and the blades with convenience. If you are looking for a reliable machine to do several different tasks from cutting fries to making a puree, Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Deluxe is the right choice for you.

hamilton food processor

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Processor is a winner in all areas. It has passed several culinary tests to become a winner in chopping and slicing veggies and fruits.

The huge bowl is the highlight of this product since you don't have to keep emptying your food, reducing the preparation time.

The big chute makes lets you easily add whole foods without having to chop them first. The food processor is sturdy, thanks to its efficient suction feet.

The Hamilton Beach 14-cup Food Processor is one of the best food processors currently available in the market.

If you own a small cooking business at home, this machine can be a great addition to upgrade your business.

It is also a good choice in case you want to replace your old processor with a powerful and professional-grade appliance. It is engineered to deliver a heavy-duty performance. From making French fries to preparing a whole dinner to feed your family or guests, nothing can go wrong with the machine.

The Big Mouth is particularly popular for its French fries disc and its reversible slicing/shredding disc, which makes it an ideal kitchen accessory, particularly if you have children.

Out of the hundreds of food processors tested professionally, The Hamilton Big Mouth works well with left-handed cooks, which is because you can lock the bowl into position on either side of the base. Owing to sturdy suction cups, you can set it safely on the countertop of any flat surface.



  • Great for home or business use
  • Large bowl capacity
  • Convenient assembly
  • Easy to use and store
  • Versatile
  • Safe to use
  • Powerful performance
  • Flawless operation
  • Suction cups enable the processor to stay in place during use
  • One year warranty
  • Engineered to take care of large processing jobs
  • Purees well
  • BPA Free Components
  • Sometimes causes leaks
  • Blade may get stuck when overworked
  • What Customers Are Saying

What Others Are Saying

Customers who purchased the process are in love with the machine for the convenience it offers. It is easy to operate, clean and store. It helps you with all sorts of chopping, cutting and slicing jobs to get the job done in no time.

Detaching Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Although a few customers report that the processor sometimes leaks from the center when there is too much liquid, not all customers experience this and dub it as one of the most useful processors that they have ever used.

Multiple blades to cater to different needs help you to get innovative with your cooking. Users are not afraid to experiment since the machine is super-easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher-safe label.

The capacity is what makes it stand apart from its rivals. You don't have to stop frequently to empty your bowl, and this greatly reduces your cooking time.

Buying Advice

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth is a popular food processor and enjoys an impressive rating on where you can purchase it for almost $65 with free shipping. It is large enough to fit all kinds of whole food items such as apples and tomatoes.

The steel shredding blades including a French fry disc, shredding disc, and chopping blade make your cooking and meal preparation less complicated. You get a powerful operation thanks to its 525-watt motor. If you want to purchase a food processor that offers great speed and a large capacity, this is the perfect choice for you.

Final Verdict

Users love the Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor as it offers a wide range of features to its users. First-time users may find it a bit tricky to assemble. However, it is easy to put together once you get familiar with the process. It is a great-looking food processor with superior performance.

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Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor Review

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor Review

No modern kitchen is complete without a food processor. It is an essential kitchen appliance that we all need for modern-day cooking. Not only it saves you from lots of time and effort in the kitchen, and it is an affordable accessory to add to your kitchen.

The market features hundreds of food processors. However, you must get a food processor that suits your needs and fits your budget. The variety of options makes it tricky to purchase the right kind of food processor that does everything. From chopping to slicing, some food processors even knead dough for you.

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic

Cutting or chopping with a knife results in dirty hands and takes a lot of your precious time, which is why you must invest in an incredible product such as the Cuisinart Food Processor.

Simply choose your desired ingredients and place them in this fantastic processor to get the job done for you.

Before purchasing the right kind of food processor, you should consider several different aspects of an appliance especially its capacity.

This model features a 7-Cup work bowl, categorized as mid-size. It is the perfect size for many households.

The brand uses high quality and BPA free elements to manufacture the product. So you don't have to worry about leeching any damaging chemicals into your food.

The food processor also comes with a dough blade for baking enthusiasts. Just make sure not to over process your dough. Add bits of water slowly and do not whirl the dough around excessively.

Since it is excellent for kneading, this functionality cuts your baking time and makes less mess than an average baking session. You can prepare your pizza or any dough to suit your needs.

Features And Benefits

All users can benefit from two-speed settings, On and Pulse. Use the On setting to run the machine continuously in case you require a fine consistency. For instance, when you are making breadcrumbs or making vegetable or fruit purees.

The Pulse button lets the machine to operate in short spurts and pulses foods without too much processing. The perfect way to use the pulse button is to press it on and off until you chop it to your desired consistency, which comes extremely handy while kneading to get just the right texture of your dough.

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Food Processor

The DLC-10S comes with a powerful 600-watt Induction motor. This motor is not just durable but also offers a significantly quiet operation.

By purchasing this appliance, you get a heavy-duty food processor that does not cause too much noise to disturb the people around you.

Multiple blades come with the Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic Food Processor. Every disc is designed to cater to different food preparations to serve several different cooking needs.

S Blade: Mixes, minces, and chops, which is ideal for chopping nuts or herbs or grinding your ingredients. 

Stainless steel shredding disc: It is the perfect blade for shredding cheese and making fermented vegetables. Now you no longer have to rely on shredded cheese from your local store.

Shred your cheese in no time, thanks to this machine. Stainless steel medium slicing disc: Just what you need for slicing dozens of vegetables or making a simple coleslaw salad. Dough blade: use this blade for yeast based dough such as bread or pizza. Users can easily knead up to 2 lb of dough with this blade.

Product Dimensions

  • Width: 7 inches
  • Depth: 11.25 inches
  • Height: 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 15.63 pounds

What Comes In The Package?

  • Manual and recipe book
  • Dough blade
  • Compact flat cover
  • S Blade
  • ​Stainless steel medium slicing disc
  • ​Detachable disc stem
  • ​Small and large pushers
  • ​Stainless steel shredding disc
  • Flat edge spatula
  • How-to DVD



  • All components are dishwasher safe (except for the base)
  • User-friendly
  • Small footprint
  • Wide mouth feed tube
  • Noise-free operation
  • Performs well
  • Great Value for you price

  • Heavy base
  • Costly replacement parts

What Others Are Saying

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Food

Customers who purchased the DLC 10SY Pro consider it as an excellent product for their money. The machine is durable and features a contemporary design to blend with any décor.

Users praise the processor as it does all the dirty work for them. From slicing, kneading the dough, dicing to shredding, the processor does everything in no time to cut down your cooking and preparation time.

Many reviewers have also bought this appliance to gift it to their family friends, which is the perfect model for you if you need to replace your old processor.

It is also a great product if it's your first time buying or using a food processor.

It comes with easy instructions to help you get a flawless performance. This machine is great if you consume a lot of salads of liquids in your diet. Although a few users had a little trouble in putting the machine together, it is super-easy to assemble and also boasts built-in safety features.

Buying Advice

All consumers who are new to the world of food processors must get their hands on this product. It makes your chopping and cutting sessions convenient without upsetting your budget.

The Cuisinart DLC 10SY Pro is an incredible time-saver with a small footprint, which means that it does not take up too much of your space and you can store it easily in a limited storage space. It maintains a good rating at where you purchase it for almost $100 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart DLC 10SY Pro is a versatile kitchen tool that eases your cooking. People who dread using the knife are happy to use this product as it saves them from getting their hands and kitchen area dirty.

It is a valuable accessory that you must have in your kitchen. You can use it for many purposes, be it pureeing baby food to kneading dough or grinding meat.

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Breville BFP800XL Food Processor Review

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor Review

A food processor is a handy kitchen accessory that makes preparing ingredients and different food items easier for you. The fact remains that you cannot get the same results from conventional appliances as you can from a food processor.

You receive many accessories and tools that you can use to enhance your culinary skills. However, you will come across a wide variety of options when you enter the market for a food processor. Selecting one can be difficult because you have to browse different products and compare features and price.

Breville BFP800XL Food Processor

You may think that you can purchase a blender or a dicer and they will deliver the same level of performance. A food processor makes things convenient because you get an all-in-one solution. You can get through different ingredients, ranging from spices to fruits and vegetables. You can make soups, smoothies, juices, and pastes, without hassle.

About The Product

A food processor is a convenient accessory to have in the kitchen if you prefer smoothies and juices over a heavy breakfast. Simply toss in the ingredients, and you are good to go. You can save a lot of time and effort by purchasing this machine.

The best approach is to opt for a brand with a solid reputation, and one that emphasizes quality over any other factor. Breville is a name you can trust when it comes to food processors. Their products bear their signature stamp of quality.


Their innovative products make preparation easier and enable you to prepare a wide range of recipes. The BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor is one of the best products you will find on the market. Here is an overview of the best features of this model:

  • Wide Feed Chute: The feed chute of this food processor offers 5.5 inches of space. You can easily insert all the ingredients that you want to chop or process. You don’t have to spend extra time and effort on cutting fruits and vegetables before you toss them into the processor, regardless of the purpose for which you are using the processor
  • Processing Bowls: The brand offers a couple of bowls with this processor. They manufacture each bowl using BPA-free materials, ensuring safety and durability. There are a 16-cup large bowl and a mini-processing bowl with a capacity of 2.5 cups. You can select a bowl depending on the ingredients you are processing. In fact, all the parts that your food items will come into contact with are BPA-free
  • Discs and Blades: You can use the food processor for different purposes, thanks to the three blades it comes with, as well as the five multi-function discs
  • LCD Display: You can check the time you spend on processing the ingredients with the LCD. The display will show the count-up and countdown time. You can use the processor to process different ingredients, as you can operate it for a specific duration
  • Storage Box: The design of the food processor is compact, which means it has a limited footprint. You can conveniently stash it out of sight when you are not using it in the storage box, which enables you to keep all the accessories in one place
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Breville uses stainless steel for making this food processor, which enhances durability and also makes this machine eye-catching. You can rest assured that the machine will not look out of place in the trendiest kitchens
  • Rubber Feet: The processor includes rubber feet at the bottom, which ensures that the machine remains stable when you are using it so that there is no risk of slipping


  • Two processing bowls
  • Five multi-function discs
  • ​Three separate blades
  • ​Small footprint ensures easy storage
  • ​Accessory storage box
  • LCD to check the time
  • 5.5-inch wide feed chute
  • ​Stainless steel construction
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Non-skid rubber feet

What Others Are Saying

A majority of customers who purchased this food processor from Amazon are happy with its performance. Most of the reviews you will come across are positive, including one from a customer who states that this machine is a powerful beast. She goes as far as saying that you might mistake it for a device manufactured by NASA.

Another customer wrote that this machine is superior to food processors from other leading brands, including Cuisinart. A reviewer stated that she used cheap models in the past, but this one is the best on the market.

On the flip side, a few customers made a few complaints about the product. A customer wrote that finding replacement parts for this model is next to impossible, and there is a good chance that you will need to replace them. Another customer wrote that the product arrived damaged right out of the box.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase this food processor online from Amazon. There are four color choices available to you, namely stainless steel, cranberry red, black sesame, and brushed silver.


The price for the first three colors is around $400, while you can get the brushed silver model for around $270. You will have to pay extra for shipping, but the extra expense is worth your while because you will receive the product at home.


Overall, the BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor from Breville is one of the best food processors available on the market today. Several features and benefits make it a great product. The only drawback is finding replacement parts for this model can be a major hassle.

However, the quality of the food processor means you will enjoy several years of use without inconvenience. The bottom-line is that you should consider purchasing this food processor.

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