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Kitchen gadgets are great investments to have in your home, and they can help you with meal prep, clean up, and many other things. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite kitchen gadgets for this post so you’ll know which ones to invest in! So let’s get started.


Reusable Straws

reusable straws

Who would have thought that today’s kitchens would have a wide selection of reusable straws? Gone are the days when you would typically get plastic straws for your drinks. Today, reusable straws come in different styles and designs you can choose from. A lot has excellent features that will make “sipping” more convenient.


Pancake Batter Mixer

In light of the global pandemic, many people have found their way back to the kitchen, whipping some meals straight from what they see on social platforms. Pancakes have always been a go-to breakfast food, but don’t you just hate it when you pour the batter from the bowl? You likely have made a mess in your kitchen while doing this.

Thankfully, there are now pancake batter mixers you can purchase that will reduce that mess and make cooking pancakes easier. You only need to add all the ingredients into the bottle, shake, squeeze, and you’re ready to cook.


Vacuum Sealer

Prolong the lifespan of your food in the fridge and pantry by vacuum sealing them. A vacuum sealer is one of the most popular kitchen gadgets today as it can extend the lifespan of your meals. With that, it’s definitely worth it!


Egg Yolk Separator

Separate your egg yolks from egg whites easily with the egg yolk separator. There are many cute styles and shapes you can choose from that makes this chore a lot of fun.


Cob Corn Stripper

It’s challenging to cut the kernels off the cob because they often end up rolling off the cutting board and then all over the counter. Indeed, the mess is frustrating. However, corn is delicious and they add sweetness and texture to meals. Fortunately, there’s a cob corn stripper available that will let you separate the kernels from the cob without making such a huge mess.


Microwave Oven Cleaner

Gone are the days when you want to skip cleaning your microwave oven because it’s icky and tedious. Today, there are oven cleaners that does all the work, such as the popular little kitchen gadget called iFlyMars Angry Mama microwave oven cleaner. All you need is to fill Angry Mama with water and vinegar, put its head on, and place it inside the oven cleaner. Steam will come out of the holes on her head that will soften any food or grease in your oven. With this, you don’t need to spend so much time cleaning your microwave oven.


Herb Scissors Set

Cutting tiny herbs is fragile, and you really need to be careful, especially if you grow them by yourself. Your good ‘ol kitchen scissors won’t work, so it’s best you use a pair of scissors that is designed for cutting herbs.

Herb scissors set is one of the latest kitchen gadgets that are well-loved by many. The scissors will let you finely chop small herbs, such as cilantro. With this, you get uniform-sized herbs that will look good when you plate your meals.


French Press Coffee Maker

french press coffee

Do you want good coffee at home, but you don’t want to spend so much on an espresso machine? No worries! A French press coffee maker is one of the best things you can have in your kitchen. Consider getting one made of stainless steel material to ensure the coffee will stay hot longer compared to plastic ad glass varieties.


Pineapple Core Remover

Pineapples are delicious, and if you have them fresh, then you may need to get in there and slice them. However, slicing pineapples can turn into a huge mess, and if you’re not used to it, you’ll find that it’s such a complicated task.

Fortunately, a pineapple corer remover is now available on the market that removes the tough center of the fruit and slices it into perfect spirals. You only need to remove the top of the pineapple, place the corer teeth in the center, and twist until you reach the bottom of the fruit. Pull the corer, and the fruit will come out wrapped around the tool and the skin will slide off easily. Isn’t that amazing?


Digital Kitchen Scale & Measuring Cup

Measurements are crucial for some dishes in the kitchen, especially when you’re baking. Sure, there are measuring cups out there, but fear no more if you often still get it wrong because you just can’t get the measurements right. The digital kitchen scale and measuring cup is one of the most popular kitchen gadgets today.

You can use it by simply pouring in your ingredients, and it will tell you how much is in the cup. With this, you never have to worry about getting the measurements wrong again.


Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin

Don’t have a built-in ice maker in the freezer? No worries! There are now ice trays made of silicone that comes with a container that can hold fresh cubes. As a result, you can have a stash of ice when you need it and make more at the same time. Another best thing about this is that it comes with a lid that will keep your freezer free from spills.


Finding the Best Kitchen Gadgets for You

Kitchen gadgets are a wonderful treat for anyone who loves to cook. They make the process of cooking easier and more efficient, but they also add a bit of flair into the mix. The best part about kitchen gadgets is that there is such an enormous variety available, you can find just about any gadget imaginable! From apple corers to zesters, there seems to be something new and exciting every day on the market.

When deciding what kind of gadgets you want in your kitchen it’s important to consider all aspects: safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, ease of use and storage space. Once you’ve decided on some great gadgets for your home, it’s time to get cooking with them!

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