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Everything You Need To Know About Keto Diet Meal Preparations

Most dieters would agree that ketogenic diet is a fairly new trend in losing weight. After all, we haven’t heard about this fitness plan up until it rose to popularity in 2016. But the truth is the origins of this health concept can be traced back almost a century ago when doctors introduced this diet program to battle severe childhood epilepsy in the 1920’s. And if it’s properly paired with chemotherapy, the same program can even treat cancer too!

There is no doubt about the benefits ketogenic diet can give to your body. That’s why a lot of people are shifting into the keto lifestyle as we speak.

So if you’re an avid keto dieter who’s looking to maximize on the gain of ketogenic diet, then we suggest you go on reading as we are going to discuss the importance of planning your keto diet meal preparations ahead and accomplish your goal of being fit sooner than expected.

Why Bother Planning Ketogenic Meal Preparations In The First Place?

When it comes to dieting in general, planning is a key process to reach out your goal of being fit. Because if you fail to plan out in the first place, then you will find it hard to stick to your diet program no matter how motivated you are.

Motivation is also important, and we can’t argue with that. But the thing is relying on motivation alone can lead to futile results (This is true in the case of observing a ketogenic diet as there is a tendency to feel sluggish during your first week which can make you feel less motivated). So the best approach in reaching your health goals is to plan your way ahead as you are more likely to realize your plans according to research.

In fact, a study conducted by a certain British organization showed that 91 percent of the individuals who planned for a weekly exercise at the gym is likely to show up and work out at their designated schedule. This is a stark contrast to the 35 percent of individuals who verbally committed to exercising for a week but failed plan out earlier.

Based on the results above, it clearly shows that planning will allow us to have that sense of obligation to execute our plans and achieve our fitness goals.

And here are other reasons to consider why planning your ketogenic meal preparations will be more beneficial to you:keto foods

  1. Budget and planning go hand in hand – One of the main concerns of keto dieters is the cost. After all, healthy eating is not cheap. Planning helps you to commit to ketogenic diet without having to compromise your budget. For without planning, you are bound to produce food waste which can also be translated to wasting money. Just try to imagine having to stock our fridge with a random supply of keto-based commodities, only to find out later that you have to throw them in the trash because you weren’t able to use them?
  2. Planning allows you to save time – Let’s face it, keto diet meal preparations ‘eat’ up time. How much more the cooking? This is where meal planning steps in as it will allow you to foresee on the recipes you want to eat and how are you going to prepare them.

Likewise, preparation time can be reduced with planning because you’ll be able to utilize these kitchen appliances:

  • Food processor to help you save time on chopping and blending as you can quickly chop and mix ingredients and then store them in the fridge for later use.
  • Slow cooker so you can easily throw in the ingredients and slowly cook a delicious keto meal as you walk away.
  • Food scale as you can measure ingredients into portions before storage and just easily retrieve them during cooking.

So if you want to cut on the time spent in the kitchen and have more time at the dinner table with your family instead, then you should start planning your weekly keto diet menu today.

  1. It keeps you in your state of ketosis – Probably, one of the greatest challenges of observing a keto diet is calculating the ketogenic macronutrients to stay in ketosis.

Wouldn’t be annoying to track every ingredient every time you cook just to make sure you stay in ketosis?

So a great solution to that is by organizing your ketogenic meal preparations beforehand because all the ingredients have been calculated and properly portioned so you can easily cook everything and then relax afterward.

Start your keto meal planning today to help save time, money, and most importantly your sanity. Follow the tips we have mentioned here and find a rhythm of keto diet meal preparation that is suitable for you!

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