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Boost Your Paleo Meal Diet Plan With A Food Processor

Paleo dieting is becoming popular diet option for health buffs and weight loss aficionados these days. In fact, it is the most searched diet program on Google in 2013 alone and is still emerging as one of the best diet programs in recent years.

But preparing a paleo meal can be a challenge at times because you want to maintain variety despite the limited amount of food options available (take note, no sugar or grains). Likewise, you also want to cut on the food preparation time and the cost as well.

Fortunately, we can do all that with the help of our food processor. And if you’re interested to know more on how to prepare delicious paleo meals starting today, then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to discuss awesome ways to boost your paleo meal diet plan with a food processor.

Let’s begin.

Prepare Foods Ahead And Save Time

chopped veggiesWouldn’t be nice to grab pre-chopped garlic and onions every time you cook? Seriously, with all the time you have to spend chopping garlic cloves and onions, you might as well have to pre-chop these foodstuffs in bulk to save 1 to 2 hours of your time every week, right? After all, most recipes in general start with these 2 basic ingredients.

A food processor can actually do the chopping. All you need to do is toss in your week’s supply of garlic and onions (first the garlic, then the onions or the other way around) and with just one click you can chop em’ up in seconds! The grab a sealed container and store them in the fridge. Now you can take them out and prepare your paleo meals in a jiffy.

You can do the same for carrots, celery, and other veggies that go along with your paleo diet.

Chopping your foods with a food processor is a great way to save time as you’ll only have to do the chopping once. Moreover, you’ll just have to wash the blades and the bowl once. So now you can say “bye-bye” to all the troubles you usually face during meal preparation.

Note: Make sure the chopped foods are tightly sealed to maintain its freshness.

Turn Ground Meat-Based Dishes Into Protein-Packed Superfoods

Meatballs and meatloaf are some of the main dishes in a typical paleo meal diet plan, but you can actually turn these foods into superfoods just by adding one ingredient: Liver.

All you need to do is add in diced liver bits into your food processor with water and blend it up until it turns into a thin paste. Then divide them into portions and place it in the freezer.

Once you want to prepare a meatloaf dish for dinner, all you need to do is get a portion of the liver paste and mix it with the ground meat using your hands.

Proceed with the meatloaf recipe as usual and voila! Now you have a mouthwatering protein-packed meatloaf dish…

Healthy Pizza?

Pizza is a comfort food, but we all know how unhealthy it is especially when you’re into paleo dieting. So if you still want to enjoy a scrumptious slice of pizza without ruining your paleo diet, then you can substitute the usual pizza dough with cauliflower dough.

healthy pizzaFirst, toss in cauliflower florets in the food processor and pulse until fine. Then combine with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, garlic powder, eggs, and oregano. Transfer it on a baking sheet like the usual pizza dough and bake it for twenty minutes. Then add the toppings you want and bake for another 10 minutes.

Making Your Own Paleo Condiments

Probably, you tend to skip into making your own condiment if you follow a paleo meal diet plan. After all, they take a lot of effort to do and are very time-consuming. But once you have a food processor, you can now create gorgeous dressings and condiments without breaking a sweat!

Take for instance, a homemade mayonnaise. Surely, you have to spend a lot of energy whisking the eggs manually. But once you do it with a processor, you can actually do it in just 3 minutes! Just combine egg yolks, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and mustard into the food processor bowl and mix everything while slowly pouring the oil in.

Now you can enjoy this tasty dressing minus the effort.

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