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Starving To Lose Weight: Is It Safe?

Reducing weight happens when the total calorie intake is below what your body burns. And though we’ve heard many times from health experts that “there’s no shortcut in losing”, there are still those who are willing to do the extremes just to achieve immediate gratification.

One such controversial method that comes into mind is the act of starving oneself. After all, cutting off the source of calories may accelerate the process of losing weight… Or is it?

Read more as we are going to share the real score about the process of starving to lose weight in this health guide.

What Does It Do To Your Body?

Some people turn to starvation because it does produce immediate results. But the thing is there are more negative side effects that you can experience when you starve yourself as compared to healthy eating.

As research indicates, people who turn to starve to lose weight by eating half of their usual food consumption for 3 weeks did shed off some pound in their bodies. However, the result also showed a 5% percent decrease in lean muscle mass. And it could get even worse if these people would resort into chronic starvation.

What we’re trying to say here is that if you deprive yourself of foods for longer periods of time, your bones and muscles will be affected negatively, To be specific, your bones will become brittle and you muscle size will become smaller, which in turn, will make you feeble, weak, and more prone to sustaining injuries.intermittent fasting starving lose weight safe

Moreover, a separate study also indicated that people who lost weight due to starvation would gain back all of the fat they’ve lost when they return to their regular eating habits.

Our Recommendation

Instead of starving to lose weight, we recommend that you do healthy eating because it allows you to shed off some pounds without depriving your body of the much-needed nutrients to function properly. Yes, you may not be able to see the results right away, but at least you know that doing a slow but sure and safe process.

Likewise, you can also do intermittent fasting (a popular diet trend in today’s fitness world) because unlike totally starving your body, fasting has many health benefits to the body. Also, getting into this method of eating pushes your metabolism into overdrive and allows your body to burn as much body fat during the fast period.

And since the production of ghrelin (a chemical that triggers us to feel hungry) is reduced, your cravings will be lessened. Therefore, resulting in fewer calorie intake and ultimately, losing weight in the process.

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