The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Food Processors

Best Food Processors – The Ultimate Guide To Choosing One

If you like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing culinary delights, you’re probably aware of what a food processor is. These ordinary appliances can do a lot more than you think. Using a food processor makes cooking more enjoyable so that you can skip time-consuming and tedious tasks such as slicing and chopping.

Powerful Kitchen food processor

Making the right choice can be a challenging decision since there are so many different models on the market, especially if you're buying your first food processor or are hoping for an upgrade. Rest assured, this handy guide will provide you with all the information you will need regarding purchasing the right product.

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Why Should You Choose Your Food Processor With Care

Wondering why you should put in all this effort to buy the right food processor? Here are a few important reasons why:

  • Versatility: Today, there are plenty of food processors in the market that comes with multiple attachments and accessories allowing you to shred, mince, zest and pulverize ingredients using only one machine.
  • Durability: You want the machine to last a couple of years, right? If so, pay attention to durability so that you don’t have to worry about the food processor breaking down.
  • Warranty: The sturdiest and high-end models comes with an excellent warranty, which will safe guard your purchase, ensuring your hard-earned money does not go down the drain in case something happens to the machine.
  • Motor Power: It’s important you invest in a machine with a powerful motor. If not, the food processor will not be able to perform challenging tasks and will burn out easily. Invest in a model with a powerful motor so that you can get maximum use out of it.
  • Easy to Clean: Cooking is fun but cleaning up afterward can dampen your spirits. Ensure the food processor has removable parts that are easy to dismantle and put back together. If not, you will have a difficult time cleaning up the machine.
  • Availability of Replacement Parts: Like other kitchen appliances, food processors are also likely to wear down with excessive use. When they do, you’ll be in need of replacement parts. Ensure the food processor you have purchased has easily available replacement parts.

Factor To Consider When Purchasing The Best Food Processors

Couple of factors you should pay attention to include:


A majority of food processors only offer one motor speed with a small opening in the top that lets you add ingredients inside. These appliances typically come with a “pusher” that is used to help larger food items slide down the slot easily.

Ensure your food processor has additional features that will speed up cooking time.

Additionally, options such as a "pulse" button will also come in handy for tasks such as kneading and chopping. A smooth touch control panel is also great since you won't have to go through too much trouble to clean the buttons. Some folks also appreciate dishwasher safe parts since it saves up cleaning up time.

 Purchasing The Best Food Processors


Ensure the food processor you have opted for has enough power to handle tough jobs like chopping hard veggies, kneading stiff dough and shredding cheese. Not choosing the right device can cause the machine to break down or chop food items incorrectly.

Or worse, the motor can burn down if you're not careful. Ensure the machine is powerful enough to carry out the tasks you purchase it for performing. We recommend you invest in a motor that has at least 600 watts.

Types Of Food Processors

When investing in a food processor, there are three main types you'll have to choose from: this includes mini choppers, kitchen mixers, and large food processors. Ensure you make the right choice depending on your needs and requirements. The main types include:

Mini Choppers

These are practically smaller versions of regular food processors. Some people prefer this appliance over the larger versions because they are easier to store or display on a kitchen worktop. Plus, with it, you can easily prepare small batches of pureed food or baby food.

Since there are not many accessories, the device is comparatively easier to dismantle and clean. You can also easily store the food processor in your worktop or inside your station.

Kitchen Machines

These appliances are typically larger than regular foods processors. They are the most preferred option for professions who create batters and bake cakes. Kitchen mixes bring out ease and reliability in the kitchen, aiding home cooks in performing their tasks much more easily.

Most of these appliances come with plenty of accessories such as jug blenders, slicing and chopping attachments. These appliances are excellent for whisking and whipping batter, allowing professionals to make delicious dishes. The bowl size is approximately 4.6 liters, which is pretty great.

Kitchen Machines

Food Processors

Food processors are one of the most important kitchen appliances in town and can be used for slicing, mixing, grating and shredding items.

Appliances with large chutes prevent cutting accidents and save prep time by cutting large vegetables into small pieces, which makes it convenient for home cooks to prepare soups, stews, and casseroles in a relatively short amount of time.

For added functionality, some models also have blender attachments that make it easier for folks to prepare mayonnaises, purees, and smoothies in a single machine. Whipping cream and kneading dough also become easier if you have the right attachments.

Opt for a machine with plenty of speed settings and a pulse function. These features will help you maintain consistency.

Evaluate The Requirements For The Job

There are plenty of different types of food processors on the market designed for specific processes. Hence, if you are a baker, you should opt more a machine that can knead dough and whip cream better. On the other hand, if you specifically need a machine to prepare baby food for your little one, you will benefit from a mini chopper.

Each appliance in the market has its USP (unique selling point). If you're in search of a food processor that pretty much works as an all-rounder, ensure it has multiple accessories so that you can carry out all your tasks easily.

food processor on work


You will find food processors in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From three-cup choppers to twenty-cup versions, you can invest from a plethora of options according to your cooking needs. If you have a family of four, an 11-cup machine will suffice.

However, if you plan on using the food processor to chop herbs or make nut butter, ensure it includes a small bowl that will make prepping sauces and other foods much easier. Also pay attention to:

Feeder Tube Width

A wider feeder tube features a larger opening created for chopping large food items. It'll also save time for tasks such as slicing potatoes and making breadcrumbs since you won't have to worry about tedious prep work and pre-chopping requirements.

Bowl Sizes

A larger bowl offers a greater capacity that will allow you to mix veggies and other ingredients easily. Some food processors also include a mini bowl and blade that can fit inside a larger bowl, which will save you from the trouble of purchasing a mini choppy for processing items such as herbs, nuts and pureeing veggies for baby food.


Variable speeds allow home cooks to modify the food processor according to the task. Opt for a machine that offers at least three-speed settings along with a pulse mode for better usage.

Attachments And Accessories

Some food processors come with a range of accessories that maximize the usability of the machine. Opt for a product that includes multiple size bowls, disks, blades and other accessories. Additionally, the product must also be capable enough to grate foods of various textures and thicknesses. Before you invest all your hard-earned savings on a machine, ensure it has all the bells and whistles.

Here is a list of some of our favorite products according to different categories:

Best Food Processor Over $100

These are our recommendations.

Winner: Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef is one of the most powerful food processors in the market. Not only can it pulverize any food but it's also great for mashing vegetables, which is a great feature compared to machines that can only shred items.

Breville BFP800XL Food Processor


Customers were pleased by how easy the machine is to use, making the assembling and disassembling process a breeze. You can attach and remove the blades according to your convenience and switch between different processing types according to use. Some notable features of the product include:

16-cup Bowl

For added convenience, the food processor includes two bowls: a 16-cup bowl for chopping tough veggies and a smaller 2.5 cup for less challenging tasks. The wide chute allows folks to chop or process any food item, which means you can skip pre-cutting food and other prep work.

Power Motor

The incredibly powerful 1200 watt motor is designed to endure complicated processing and other techniques. Aside from chopping tough veggies, you can also knead the dough using the machine. Many customers have praised this model for its powerful motor.

Specialty Discs

For a better cooking experience, the food processor comes with specialty discs such as whisking disks, julienne discs, and French fry disks, which allows chefs and home cooks to obtain maximum benefits from the product. You can also purchase other accessories for an additional price.

​Replacement Parts

The Breville Food Processor comes with multiple replacement parts, this allows users to choose between chutes of different size.

However, you can also cut thicker slices if you want. Since the replacement parts come in the package, this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Best Food Processor Under $100

These are our recommendations.

Winner: Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor

With the Cuisinart DLC-10SY, you can chop, shred and slice all kinds of ingredients including vegetables, cheese, and meat.

You can also use it for other kitchen tasks such as mincing garlic and parsley, emulsifying mayonnaise and much more.

It also has a pulse button that allows users to activate food processing in short segments.

This function is important for food processing, which allows chefs and home cooks to start and pause the process according to their convenience.​


 Aside from chopping, you can also use this feature for dough mixing since it offers more control over the results. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Capacity: The Cuisinart DLC-10SY includes a 7-cup work bowl which comes in handy for mixing all kinds of ingredients. Whether you are chopping or mixing ingredients, you can achieve your desired results in no time. Do note that the 7-cup capacity only indicates use for dry ingredients and not liquids.
  • BPA-Free: Since the Cuisinart food processor is made using BPA-free ingredients, you don’t have to worry about putting your family’s health at risk.
  • Speed: The food processor offers two-speed options for better usage. Since the machine is fairly easy to use, you won't be at of pushing the right button.
  • Easy Setup: Pressing the on button ensures the food processor works at the same speed, which is a handy setting if you want to achieve consistent results or are preparing baby food.
  • Power: With a 600-watt motor, the Cuisinart food processor is up for just about any challenge and can mix the dough and cut tough vegetables very easily. A powerful motor is important for performing tough tasks, which is why this particular model can perform a variety of tasks without any problems.

Runner-Up: Hamilton Food Processor

The Deluxe 14-Cup Food Processor from Hamilton is one of the most best-selling products in the market. Aside from its large capacity, it also includes an additional French fry disc.

hamilton food processor

The large capacity model makes the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth one of best products in the market despite its affordable price.

Best of all, the purchase includes a bonus French fry cutting disc in addition to the shredding/slicing discs that comes with most food processors.​

 The product is also known for its extra-large chute that virtually eliminates the need for folks to pre-cut large vegetables such as potatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes.


Some notable features of the product include:

  • Large Feed Tube: The machine features a large feed tube that ensures you can use the food processor to pulverize all kinds of ingredients. Additionally, you can also use the food processor for chopping and slicing food items, such as celery, carrots, etc.
  • Kneads Dough: How many affordable food processors are there in the market that can also knead dough? Not many! This food processor is capable of kneading the dough.
  • Control/Speed: Similar to any great food processors, the product has three powerful speed settings, which allows users to control the speed according to the nature of the task. The Pulse mode is also comparatively more powerful than other food processors in the same price range.
  • 3 Speed along with a Powerful Motor: While most standard machines of this price only include a power button and pulse mode, this food processor is capable of much more.

It has three unique speed functions in addition to a pulse setting, which allows folks to gain more control and movement over the machine. The 525-watt powerful motor is equipped to handle most tough tasks in the kitchen.

Alternative: Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper

The Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper includes one power head and one motorized part. The 450-watt motor is powerful enough to handle most day-to day tasks with ease. The power head fits over the chopper bowl, the pitcher, and the processor bowl. All three of these containers are great for everyday use.

Ninja Master Prep Chopper


Since the containers are made using clear materials, you can see machine work its magic and stop the process once you have achieved the right results.

For better results, we suggest you use the pulse method for short segments as opposed to simply pressing the button for any length of time. Doing so will guarantee a more evenly blended, minced and chopped end product. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Exceptional Motor Power: The professional version of the Ninja Master Prep comes with a 450-watt motor whereas the regular model comes with a 400-watt motor. The powerful motor ensures that folks can perform a variety of tasks using only one machine.
  • Splash Guard: The product includes a pitcher and a splash guard. Both of these items include a lid. The splash guard comes in handy when you are chopping and blending food items. All you have to do is place the splash guard on top of the bowl and pitcher, and you are good to go. The larger pitcher also contains a seal that prevents spills.
  • Convenience: Home cooks will be pleased to know that the parts are both dishwasher and microwave friendly. However, to ensure the quality of the machine, we advise you take out a few minutes of your time to wash the food processor by hand.

You can also store the jars and lids in freezers and fridges according to your convenience. Another notable advantage is that all the parts are BPA free, so you won't have to worry putting your family's health in danger.

Best Food Processor And Blender Combo

Winner: Oster Pro Food Processor

The Oster Pro 1200 Plus Blender is an excellent purchase if you're in search of a food processor and blender combo.

Oster Pro Food Processor

With this super easy to use the device, you can crush ice, grind coffee beans or whip up a milk shake in no time.

The model has an amazing 1200 watt motor base along with a 48-ounce jar. It also has a single serve cup so you can take your smoothie with you on the go.

The machine has a total of 9 buttons which are pretty easy to use and work it. On the bottom row, you’ll find a stop switch along aside an on/off switch.


Some notable features of the product include:

  • Blending Containers: The food processor comes with two different blending containers. The main container has a pour spout which makes it easier for folks to pour stuff.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Thanks to the removable blade, assembling and disassembling the blade is not a problem. The manufacturers advise you dismantle and clean the food processor after each use. If you're not careful, dirt can accumulate at the bottom of the container.
  • All Metal Drive System: Oster Blenders include a unique and powerful metal-drive that ensures lasting performance and quality. The quality drive is durable enough to blend up to 10,000 smoothies and comes with an amazing 10-year warranty.
  • Speed Settings and Programs: The Oster Pro 1200 Plus Blender has nine buttons in total and3 programs. You can use the machine for preparing excellent smoothies. It also has a reverse crush blade that prevents the contents from settling down, which means you don’t have to bother stirring ingredients while blending.

With all the program and speed settings, the blender offers excellent control over processing. You can also adjust the settings according to your needs and requirements.


With the right food processor, you can mince, chop, zest, shred and crush your favorite ingredients with a single device. Hopefully, this detailed guide has provided you all the information you need regarding purchasing the best product.

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Theresa says January 30, 2018

The “best” food processor is the right one for the job that you need to accomplish. The brand, capacity, power and most definitely the price will come in play when deciding to buy one. I think this post already mentioned everything you need to know when buying one. Personally, I bought a cheap one and it broke down in just a week. My tip is to buy one with a trusted brand within the mid price range.

    Dustin G. says February 1, 2018

    I totally agree with you. I bought a junk one just last month and it broke down unexpectedly. I have a Cuisinart now and it’s great! I have to say, so far, this is the best one that I’ve ever used.

Shane says February 15, 2018

Good thing that I came across this post, I’m still uncertain on what brand should I buy because I need a blender and food processor. It seems like the Oster Pro one is the most suited one for my needs based on your reviews. I hope it’s really as good as it was advertised!

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