Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus Review

Oster Pro 1200 Food Processor Review

There is considerable preparation involved in the cooking process. You need to get the ingredients ready before you can start. People sometimes invest in multiple machines, such as blenders and dicers, to prepare the ingredients that they want to use. You can get a handy solution for all your needs in the form of a food processor.

A versatile food processor can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen and help you save time and effort when cooking. In simple words, you can improve your skills and impress your family and friends.

Oster Pro 1200 Food Processor

The main factor you need to consider is the features and accessories the food processor includes. You need a machine that allows you to process ingredients as well as prepare smoothies and juice. A sturdy and durable food processor will help you blend a wide range of items, including ice and even frozen ingredients.

About The Product

The power the processor offers is also a pertinent factor, as well as the accuracy and consistency it enables you to achieve. However, assessing any product on the market can be a challenge as you have to evaluate a variety of models available on the market.

You can circumvent this dilemma by opting for a food processor produced by a leading brand. Oster is a reliable brand that you can count on to deliver a high-quality product. Their food processors, in particular, offer a range of features that you will find handy.

You receive innovative features that make it convenient for you to process different ingredients. The 1200 Blender Plus is one of the best models you will find on the market. Here is an overview of the top features of this food processor:

  • Limited Warranty: Oster offers a 10-year limited warranty under its DURALAST initiative. The company backs the quality and durability of the product, ensuring that you can receive repairs and replacements without the hassle and at no additional cost.
  • Processing Bowl: The processing bowl provides you up to five cups of volume, enabling you to process ingredients as well as make smoothies and milkshakes. Oster manufactures the processing bowl using BPA-free ingredients.
  • Small Footprint: The design and size of this food processor are compact. The dimensions of this product are 14.25 inches by 7.25 inches by 8 inches, which means you can conveniently store it in your kitchen, even if you have limited space. Plus, the cord extends to 16 inches, which means you can place it anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Powerful Motor: The motor of this food processor offers sufficient power, with 1200 watts. Plus, you get an ice crushing power of 900 watts. You can easily process the toughest ingredients using this model.
  • Smart Settings: Using this food processor is a breeze thanks to the Smart Settings technology Oster incorporates in the product. You can choose from seven-speed settings as well as three pre-programmed settings so that you can use it for different purposes.



  • Smart Settings technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Small footprint
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • BPA-free processing bowl
  • Difficult to achieve consistency

What Others Are Saying

Most of the reviews for this product on Amazon are positive. A majority of customers who purchased and used the food processor are happy with its features and performance. A customer wrote that the compact design and size of the processor makes it easy to use. She states that she can conveniently place it wherever she wants in the kitchen.

She returned another processor she purchased before because of its large size. Another customer stated that all the features this processor offers are great and the machine works perfectly.

Oster Food Processor

A customer wrote that purchasing this processor enabled her to forgo using multiple appliances because the machine offers all the features and functions she needs.

She states that she uses the processor for processing a wide range of ingredients, including ice and hot beverages.

A reviewer mentioned that she purchased this food processor without much prior thought because she simply wanted to replace her previous Cuisinart food processor.

She is happy with the performance of the food processor, including the smoothie cup.

On the other hand, a few customers had some gripes with this product. A customer wrote that there are some issues with the speed settings and that you might find it difficult to achieve the right consistency when blending if you don’t fill up the cup. Plus, she states that the small cup tends to leak.

A customer wrote that this blender is not suitable for blending frozen items. A reviewer wrote that the processor did not last even four months, even with moderate use. She also expressed her disappointment at the poor customer service from Oster Pro.

Buying Advice

Oster Pro Food Processor

Amazon is the perfect online store to purchase this food processor.

The retailer offers convenient shipping, delivering it to your home. You can place the order from the comfort of your home.

You can purchase the product in two models. You can buy only the smoothie cup for around $60, knocked down from its original retail price of around $80.

You can purchase the smoothie cup along with the food processor for around $90.

Amazon also allows you to browse other food processors that might offer better features or are available with free shipping.


Overall, the 1200 Blender Plus is one of the best food processors you can find on the market today. It is the ideal purchase if you want the machine primarily for making smoothies.

The features of the food processor and the reliability of Oster Pro add to the benefits that you can derive, giving you great value for your money. There are some issues with managing speed and consistency, and the customer service is questionable. That said, you should consider purchasing this food processor.

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Liza Graves says March 8, 2018

When it comes to versatility, in my opinion, this is the best one in its price range. The kids love their smoothies and this tool definitely helps to prepare them faster. I’ve been using mine for about 5 months now. So far, so good. I’ve got no complaints about it.

Sandra Reed says March 24, 2018

I’ve previously used other food processor models of this brand so I’m quite sure about its quality. It’s true that it’s a little difficult to achieve consistency but all the other features makes this issue so miniscule. An above-average budget food processor.

Clara says April 18, 2018

I love its sleek and compact design. Bought mine on Amazon two weeks ago and so far, I’ve got no complaints. You can create great tasting smoothies in a matter of seconds with this beast. How awesome is that!

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