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Whether you’re a kitchen expert, a stay-at-home parent, or a full-time work-and-home multitasker, you need proper kitchenware for your cooking experiments. And to be successful in achieving perfectly healthy recipes, only the best products can absolutely meet your highest standards. Indeed, your kitchen won’t be complete without the best food processor as your partner in creating wonderful meals for your family table.


What Is A Food Processor?

Certain recipes require food ingredients to get chopped, diced, mixed, shredded, grated, pureed, and more. To get these things done in a fast and professional manner, you’re going to need a food processor.

A food processor is a modern kitchen technology developed to make your preparation much easier compared to traditional methods.


The Difference Between Food Processors and Blenders

Food processors and blenders might seem a little familiar with each other, but they evidently have specified differences when it comes to performance on different preparation styles.

High-performance blenders are best for making purees, sauces, and blending frozen drinks and smoothies. On the other hand, food processors are perfect for chopping ingredients like vegetables and spices. Although, you can still utilize food processors for crushing ice and blending wet ingredients. They’re also highly reliable in making pie-crust, cookies and bread doughs, and bread crumbs.

Both of them have certain limits with their usefulness in the kitchen. Ultimately, the goal of using food processors is to chop veggies and herbs evenly and grind crumbs, nuts, and other similar ingredients finely without pulverizing them.


How To Choose The Best Food Processor


You will find that different food processor brands have three most common configurations: Low, High, and Pulse options. These options are good enough for regular cooking. However, they’re also very limiting, especially when you’re planning to use it for commercial settings. You can instead opt for higher features with precise speed functions for extra precision. Be that as it may, you can still take advantage of standard models for home use.

Higher wattage also contributes to the speed and even the capacity of the food processor to accurately perform its functions.


There are models designed for either small or large batches to cater to all the needs of different kitchen cooks. The capacity of the food processor you ought to buy must depend on the size of the table you’re serving. Even so, if you intend to prepare large batches for storage and preservation, 10-14 cup capacity is your best option.

Extra Accessories

Aside from picking the finest blades— which is the number one feature you should look for, also watch out for additional attachments such as slicing discs, kneading discs, juicer, nut chopper, cream whipper, etc. Some of the food processor brands you’re buying are inclusive of these accessories, but they’re not present altogether. More often, the more famous and popular brands have the best blades and include extra materials in food processors.


Meticulous kitchen cooks know the material construction of their kitchenware. If you’re careful enough, you’ll choose proven and tested durable products that have been producing best-quality kitchenware in the industry for decades.

Most products consist of hard plastic materials to avoid loose cracks or breakage. And most importantly, the blades must be made of Stainless Steel for overall quality performance.


Friendly Reminders When Using Food Processors

  • Apply even pressure on food ingredients to get consistent results in slicing, dicing, grinding, etc.
  • Don’t throw in large, whole ingredients. Before putting in the spices, vegetables, etc. for chopping, cut the ingredients into medium-sized chunks for quicker and better slices.
  • Use the pulse button to achieve the ideal cuts and texture of sliced ingredients.
  • Remember that the food processors are mainly for slicing and grinding. Don’t expect 100% smooth blends.
  • Don’t multitask when using the food processor. It’s safer to focus on this specific task before jumping to another. The intense vibration it produces may cause tiny slight hops that allow it to move through the countertop. Worst-case scenario, the food processor might reach the edge and fall off to the ground.


The Five Best Food Processors For Your Kitchen

  1. Black+Decker Food Processor FP1600B
    The Black+Decker FP1600B Food Processor is very affordable kitchenware for busy health enthusiasts. If you’re in a hurry, no need to worry! This product can prepare a variety of required ingredients in the quickest way possible.The design of this product is strong enough to slice and shred vegetables, fruits, spices, and all kinds of soft-medium food types you want to include in your meals. You will have consistent results with the help of a special feature: the Food Chute Pusher. Pushing and guiding the food helps you control the size and texture of the processed food you want to achieve. The only downside in the Black+Decker Food Processor is the absence of a speed setting feature. You can’t control the speed of the base motor when using this product. You only have three button options: On, Off, and Pulse. Even so, the rest of the features can deliver its ultimate purpose.


    • Model No.: FP1600B
    • Color: Black
    • Food Capacity: 8 cups
    • Motor Wattage: 480W
    • Additional Features: Food Chute with Pusher


    • Push-button controls
    • Safety Interlocking System
    • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
    • Sharp stainless steel chopping blades
    • Reversible metal disc slicer/shredder
    • Strong motor power


    • No speed control setting
    • Non-adjustable slicer/shredder blades
  2. Cuisinart Food Processor DFP-14BCNY
    This product is another one of Cuisinart’s uncompromising quality and convenience in the kitchenware industry. The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Food Processor can turn your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even midnights into a food adventure with the gang. This extra-large capacity mixer can serve a big bunch of homemade recipes that will fill you up to your hearts’ content. If you can imagine it, this food processor can help you create it.Without the speed control setting, you can’t minimize or maximize the motor power of the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Food Processor. The maximum power of this mixer won’t beat off your expectations anyway. Also, the single-touch experience can be used to your advantage when you have a lot going on inside the kitchen. You can work your way around and utilize the guaranteed features of your kitchenware!


    • Model No.: DFP-14BCNY
    • Color: Silver
    • Food Capacity: 14 cups
    • Motor Wattage: 720W


    • Precise slicing/shredding results
    • Durable and dependable for all occasions
    • Stronger maximum motor power
    • The extra-large feed tube is perfect for large servings
    • Easy to operate push down buttons
    • Stainless steel chopping/mixing blades
    • Stainless steel standard detachable slicing disc
    • Dishwasher-safe removable parts


    • No food chute pusher
    • No speed control setting
    • Non-adjustable slicer/shredder blades
  3. Hamilton Beach Food Processor 70730
    Save time in cutting and chopping your spices and other food ingredients. The Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor can do all that and more for you.Break free from all the hassle of food preparation with this quick-acting 450W food processor. Comparingly, this product has a smaller motor wattage, given its large food capacity. However, the design of the blades are sharp and customized to make up for the quality of results that the Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor can produce. It’s still one of the best sellers of today’s list of kitchenware because of its excellent performance in working around the kitchen with lots of various recipes. What makes it ahead of this particular product line is the motor speed options. You can control the speed in two levels, along with the Pulse feature still on hand. It’s uncomplicated, unlike other appliances, which is suitable for multitaskers and on-the-go adults.


    • Model No.: 70730
    • Color: Stainless Steel and Black
    • Food Capacity: 10 cups
    • Motor Wattage: 450W


    • Versatile multifunction food processor
    • Two motor speeds plus the Pulse feature
    • Bowl scraper accessory included
    • Large feed chute system
    • Reversible disc attachments
    • Two different chopping/mixing blades


    • No food chute pusher
    • Small motor wattage for a large capacity food processor
  4. Braun Food Processor Bundle FP3020-2
    Engineered for best performance, the Braun FP3020-2 Food Processor Bundle became one of the top-rated, best-selling food processors in the market. Get things done in the kitchen at a much quicker pace compared to using knives during food preparation. The range of tools and functions will surprise you with how much you can accomplish by utilizing this single kitchenware. Imagine all the cooking possibilities with the presence of the following extras: fruit juicer, whisker, kneader, coarse slicing blade, and the french fry system. Can you count how much time it can save?Other special functions such as speed control and silent motor processor complete the whole package. But, the product perks don’t end there. There are a couple of safety precaution features in the Braun FP3020-2 Food Processor Bundle: a locking system for the processor bowl and the motor base, and a closed lid indicator before the motor starts. There’s only one minor drawback about the space it consumes on your kitchen countertops. Aside from that, you can resourcefully take advantage of this product as long as you want to. With proper care, this can last for years serving your family with nutritiously prepared food.


    • Model No.: FP3020-2
    • Color: White
    • Food Capacity: 12 cups (dry ingredients), 9 cups (liquid ingredients)
    • Motor Wattage: 600-900W
    • Additional Features: French Fry System and Coarse Slicing Insert B Blade


    • Multifunctional kitchenware
    • Pre-set speed function
    • Ultra-quiet motor system
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Energy-efficient with low power consumption
    • The bowl locks onto the motor base
    • The lid must be closed for the processor to start


    • The bulky design takes up a wider space in the kitchen area
  5. Breville Sous Chef Food Processor BFP800XL
    This product of Breville arrives at your home in a unique arrangement. The Sous Chef BFP800XL Food Processor is housed and neatly organized in a plastic container, which is very convenient for storage purposes. You can certainly clear your countertops right after use. For sure, plenty of you will appreciate this feature. And while it’s obvious that this product is one mighty and versatile kitchenware, we still have to answer the question of why anyone should choose this piece. It’s down to these three qualities: (1) huge size, (2) peak power, and (3) food safety. There you go!One particular detail is lacking in this item. The speed control is critical for many kitchen users, especially those who follow recipes to the dot. Nonetheless, the Pulse setting is still present for customized food processing. All in all, the performance is outstandingly among the best food processors you can find across the market nowadays.


    • Model No.: BFP800XL
    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Food Capacity: 16 cups
    • Motor Wattage: 1200W
    • Additional Features:


    • BPA-free material
    • Small and large food pushers
    • Super wide 5.5inch feed chute
    • Digital display of count up and down timer
    • Non-skid rubber bottom for safety and stability
    • Five multi-function discs and three blades (1 micro-serrated S blade)
    • The silicone seal on the lid reduces food leakage


    • No speed control setting

Hand-Picked Kitchenware: The Winning Piece

We may already have given you a clue on our winning piece for this selection. The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor BFP800XL holds the “key to superb presentation, even cooking and great taste”: consistent slices. Being one of the most trusted names in the kitchenware industry, Breville successfully delivered a fully-functional product that is best for your food preparation needs. You can smoothly prepare tedious food that is otherwise hardly accomplishable by hand.

This product model is an excellent option for those who want to invest in trustworthy machines that will perform the most desirable quality. And of course, you can quickly finish creating your specialty meals even in large batches. Whether you’re serving a small or large family, this 16-cup food processor can handle the task all the same— with lesser time and no need for a second round of preparations. You can enjoy your weekend and holiday celebrations all the more with your family!

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